Seacrest Wolf Preserve Inc. is posting this notice to inform all visitors of an age restriction. Effective immediately a child must be 12 years old AND at least 5 ft. or 60 in. tall to participate in the wolf encounter tour. The wolf encounter tour is geared for mature levels of tour participation. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We look forward to your visit. Remember ALL TOURS ARE DONE BY RESERVATION ONLY AND YOU MUST CALL FOR A RESERVATION. We thank you for supporting wolf and wildlife conservation.
Wayne and Cynthia Watkins

Many of you have been trying to call and cannot leave a message. We are still, after 4 months, having major issues with our second line with AT&T. When you call and the phone says mail box is full, that means we are on the other line and PLEASE keep trying to call back. Your phone calls are important to us and we will return the call as soon as possible. A phone call is necessary for you to make a reservation, so please be patient and keep calling till you get a real person or the answering machine. Thank you for your understanding and we hope to hear from you soon.

Exciting Event!!

Exciting news at Seacrest Wolf Preserve Inc. !! The gray wolf pups from the Sage and Minquah breeding are still with us. They will be available for pup cuddle time on Saturday's public tours at 11am when the gates open. Visitors may register for the pup cuddle time when they sign in for the wolf encounter tour. A number will be issued to each visitor and the pup cuddle time will be processed in numerical order. There is a $10.00 donation per person that will help cover vet bills and special nutritional needs. You may bring you digital camera and cell phones for this experience and you will be participating in the imprinting program helping these wolf pups understand that humans can be their friends after all. These pups will only be available for pup cuddle time for the next 2-3 weeks before they go to their exciting new home. CALL TO MAKE A RESERVATION 850-773-2897.

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The exciting spring season is upon us and the Seacrest Wolves and small animals are here to welcome you and your guests on our spring and early summer tours. Our PUBLIC tours are held on Saturdays ONLY. We do have openings during the week for VIP tours and all other tours that require reservations in advance.

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Seacrest Wolf Preserve is open year round to visitors and offers a very rare and exciting hands on opportunity with wolves. The wolf encounter tours offer an opportunity for all visitors to become a part of a wolf pack as they learn important scientific information about wolves that will inspire desires for wolf and wildlife conservation. The small animal adventure is a part of the tour package and visitors have an opportunity to interact with skunks, foxes, raccoons, and meet Pecos the Coyote. There is a very strict dress code that all visitors must be compliant with and other pertinent information required to secure a reservation. Reservations are REQUIRED for all tours TOUR RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE FOR INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS by calling 850-773-2897.
PLEASE Click on the VISIT US page to read all the information needed to acquaint yourself with the different tour options offered by Seacrest that will answer most of your questions, then call the wolf preserve to book your reservation. TOUR PRICES ARE DISCOUNTED TO LOWEST LEVEL POSSIBLE SO THAT INDIVIDUALS FROM ALL LEVELS OF INCOME WILL BE EMPOWERED TO EXPERIENCE THIS RARE OPPORTUNITY.