January 14, 2018 09:00 pm

Courtesy: CNN

Programming note: For more about the debate over big game trophies, watch CNN Films' "Trophy," premiering Sunday, January 14, at 9pm ET/PT, on CNN.

Dallas, Texas (CNN)It's a place where serious big game hunters hang out and network -- kind of a supermarket for hunting enthusiasts.

Tens of thousands of them have come from all over the world to the annual Dallas Safari Club Convention & Sporting Expo.

Everywhere you look in this sprawling 800,000-square-foot convention you see weapons, gear and just about every type of hunting paraphernalia available. There are also lots of animals -- none of them alive. Rhinos, lions, antelopes and various types of big game animals that have all been stuffed by taxidermists to be trophies in someone's home or office.

Want to book the hunting adventure of your dreams?

If you pony up enough cash, you'll find yourself heading to remote parts of North America, Africa, China or Russia -- places many people can only dream about -- for the chance to track and kill some of the world's most magnificent and endangered beasts.

The annual convention takes place during a critical time for big-game hunting. Activists are fighting hard to stop it -- while hunters are trying to save it. And the debate is centered around a concept that aims to create a model for sustainable hunting.

By Jason Morris, CNN

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