All Tours Are By Reservation Only

Strict dress code required for all tours

We are unable to permit anyone uder the age of 10 inside wolf enclosures for any tour. All ages may experience the wonderful Small Animal Adventure that follows the Wolf Encounter Tour by reservation.

Seacrest accepts all major credit cards and cash

Seacrest Wolf Preserve offers the rarest opportunity in the lower 48 states, Alaska, or Canada, to experience wolves up close and personal. This unforgettable adventure takes visitors on walking tours through large 2 & 3 acre natural habitats that are home to Gray, Arctic, and British Columbian wolves. Visitors become part of the pack as they have exciting, hands-on interaction with the wolves and join in with the great wolf howl. As visitors pose by the wolf den with the wolves, they are offered an extraordinary opportunity for photos with pure wolves. This amazing tour includes valuable scientific information about the wolves, and humorous and moving stories of the wolf families that call Seacrest home. Along the way, visitors are sure to have their hearts stolen by one of the Seacrest wolves that they encounter.

Enjoy some great concessions including hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, and other numerous food items plus water, seasonal hot beverages, tea, & soda. A great picnic area is also available for all who wish to picnic as well.


The Saturday Wolf encounter tour is a rare educational opportunity based on science and is open to the general public BY RESERVATION ONLY! This tour offers all visitors a rare and amazing hands-on experience as they enter the wolf habitats together and become part of the pack as they get up close and personal with some of the most beautiful wolves on the planet. Visitors begin the tour by meeting the wolves in the first enclosure as they sit on logs or on the ground while trained volunteers encourage the Seacrest wolf ambassadors to interact with the visitors.The tour participants will have the rare opportunity to touch a wolf, look into their eyes, and perhaps get a muzzle greeting. Along the way, the tour pauses in various areas while the tour guide shares interesting facts about how important wolves are and all guests are given the opportunity to ask questions.

All visitors will be given one of the most memorable events in the world to pose for photos with the "Brat Pack" who stand by their shoulders as the Seacrest photographer captures these stunning images. Visitors may view their photos at the end of the tour inside the the gift shop. If chosen to be purchased, they will receive 8 to 10 unforgettable photos on a flash drive for $30.00. Visitors will have fun howling with the wolves throughout the entire tour as they join in the exciting wolf howl events with the various Seacrest wolf packs.

The tour includes three different wolf habitat areas that are home to Gray and Arctic wolves and ends at the Small Animal Adventure. There visitors cuddle with skunks, interact with foxes and feed the raccoons. The number of individuals on any given Saturday tour will range from 100-150 people or more on holidays and special occasions. This walking tour offers all individuals the same opportunity to visit a wolf's home and to be near a wolf with no fences.

Prices- $25.00 Per Person. All visitors will pay when they arrive at Seacrest for their tour.

Saturday Tours: Gates open at 11:00 A.M... Central Time, tour begins at 1:00 pm Central Time.
Visitors do not have to arrive at 11:00 A.M... but should arrive no later than 12:00 P.M... to sign in and prepare for the tour.

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These tours are available Monday-Friday and require a minimum of 35 people and up. The structure of these tours are similar to the Saturday tour and can be customized to fit the window of time that is available for the group or School. This tour offers exciting and rare opportunities with wolves as well for all participants and includes the Small Animal Adventure.

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This amazing, private tour offers the highest level of wolf interaction. The preserve is closed to all other visitors with the exception to the VIP tour participants. This one-on-one experience enables the guests to enter the enclosures with the tour guide and photographer. VIP tour guests are empowered to bring the camera of their choice (digital camera or cell phone) and the Seacrest Photographer captures their once-in-a-lifetime memory with the wolves. The VIP tour is open to a minimum of two and usually up to six people. Seacrest can accommodate larger groups if desired. This tour is extremely popular and in high demand so we advise all reservations to be made as early as possible so that you may reserve your desired date.

Prices- $200.00 each for the first two people and $75.00 each for the remaining guests in a party. All VIP tours require a $200.00 Non-refundable deposit to be made at the time of making a reservation in order to secure it for your party. Visitors will pay the remaining balance when they arrive at Seacrest for their tour. In the case of an emergency VIP tour guests may move their reservation to a different avaliable date.

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The Seacrest gift shop is exciting and unique and offers fun shopping opportunities for all things "Wolfy". This includes stunning wolf T-shirts, wolf hats of all kinds, gorgeous wolf blankets, wolf statues, collectibles, wild life jewelry and much more. Gift Certificates are available at the gift shop and include all activities that Seacrest offers. If there was a particular wolf who touched your heart you can buy an 8x10 photo, a bundle of its fur, or you might decide to become a sponsor.


Sleep under the beautiful Florida night sky near the wolves. Remotely located in quiet, rural, Washington County, Florida, you can experience a meditative experience camping near the wolves under the brilliant night sky. Seacrest offers primitive camping and electrical hook-ups for RVs and campers. Reserve a break from the noisy city and come enjoy a peaceful overnight, or weekend stay, at Seacrest Wolf Preserve.

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- What Our Visitors Had To Say -

"Visiting Seacrest Wolf Preserve Changed My Life!" - T. Brown

"I went on the VIP tour with my mom today and we had the most amazing time!" - K. Camplin

"It was amazing. An experience of a lifetime." - C. Beck



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