IMPORTANT INFORMATION for Saturday Tour Guests

February 22, 2019 12:00 am

SWP Staff

Dear Friends of Seacrest,
We are sad to make this post, but we are having issues with our neighbors on Bonnett Pond Rd who are being extremely abusive to the rights of Seacrest and its visitors. For the first time ever in 20 years, entities living on Bonnett Pond Rd are complaining to authorities and Washington County about our guests parking outside for a short period of time on Saturday morning. They feel our guests are creating a traffic hazard for the county. We are sad to say these neighbors have lied to county officials.

Seacrest board members, founders, and employees are fighting for our visitors rights to park on the public right of way while waiting for our gates to open on Saturday morning. We have assured our county officials that our guests are not creating traffic hazards for our county or any other liability issue.

In an effort to assure our county officials that we are being compliant with all county statutes, we are asking that all of our Saturday tour guests DO NOT arrive until 10:45am. If you arrive before 10:45am on Saturday morning, you are arriving too early. Since everyone checks in together, no one is ahead of anyone else, so therefore there is no need to try to be the first in line at the gate. Please be patient with each other and enter the gate in an orderly manner. It is important that all visitors display respect for each other, as well as the rules and regulations of Seacrest Wolf Preserve, Inc.

Additionally, if you come in from the North, please park on the West side of Bonnett Pond Rd. If you come in from the South, please park on the East side of Bonnett Pond Rd. IT IS REQUIRED THAT YOU STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE until the gates open and you enter the designated Seacrest parking lot. Most importantly, when you arrive to park on the public right of way, YOU MUST PARK WELL OFF THE PAVEMENT so that there is no issue that might create a hazard for the normal traffic flow of Bonnett Pond Rd. There will be well trained Seacrest employees to direct the Seacrest visitor traffic, implement a greater level of organization, and eliminate any confusion.

Please respect Washington County and Seacrest Wolf Preserve, and help us prevent any additional conflict with these neighbors. We are so grateful for your support of our work of conservation and the preservation of America’s wild heritage. Thank you for your cooperation and for your respect as we deal with this issue. Seacrest Wolf Preserve loves and supports Washington County, and always works to be an asset to our community.

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"Visiting Seacrest Wolf Preserve Changed My Life!" - T. Brown

"I went on the VIP tour with my mom today and we had the most amazing time!" - K. Camplin

"It was amazing. An experience of a lifetime." - C. Beck



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